Monday, November 26, 2012

Almost a year

It's officially almost been a year since my last post. I've sold a few of my items and will be putting up some more on ebay again soon. Mostly lolita brand items and such. They need to stop hanging around like skeletons in a closet.

My adult ballet is doing beautifully, the next two weekends my studio and I will be debuting our version of the Nutcracker performance and I have a solo as the Mechanical Doll on Saturday night, closing night. Along with my regular roles as a party guest and a "candy cane cossak" that will be showing Thursday and Friday. I hear we have a really good turn out this year.

I think I'm starting to get ready for fashion blogging again, and am really excited. Maybe more details to come. I'm not sure if I'll do it through this blog, which I love. A new blog I have for dancing... which I may not mingle, or create a whole new place. We'll see, yes?

Happy Holidays!

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